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OffRoad - Jablanica

Ohrid/Struga – Kiafasan – along the border with the Republic of Albania – village Vishni – village Upper Belica – Golina (pasture on a 1,800m asl), “Jankov kamen” (lunch time) – Ohrid/Struga


Offroad - Galicica

Ohrid – village Velestovo – Asangjura – cave Samotian hole - viewpoint Prespa Lake - viewpoint Ohrid Lake - village Trpejca - village Pestani – Ohrid.


Hiking - Jablanica

Ohrid/Struga – Kiafasan – along the border with the Republic of Albania – village Vishni – village Upper Belica – Golina (pasture on a 1,800m asl), “Jankov kamen” (lunch time) – Ohrid/Struga


Hiking - Galicica

This route is on an easy trail, with a constant view on the Ohrid Lake. The track is a rural road, which connects three villages located on the Ohrid Lake's shore.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

The oldest and the most precious way to fly is hot air balloon flight, in the past available only for the aristocracy, today everyone can experience it.


Horseback Riding

Beautiful Jablanica

This particular tour is a unique way to experience the nature and the irreplaceable beauties of Jablanica Mountain.


Macedonian Evening

Celebration of music and food

Macedonia has five significant features that make it known to tourists - long history, beautiful nature, hospitality, food/drinks and folklore.


Village Tour

Donkey Safari

Picnic and donkey riding is planned to take place at the village of Kuratica, situated at 1,100 meters elevation, on the lopes of Mount Plakenska (about 20km from Ohrid).


Debar Spa

National park Mavrovo

An excellent excursion for the lovers of natural beauty (mountains, rivers, lakes, national parks), and those fond of massage and spa treatment in thermal baths with therapeutic water.



The city of Consuls

The old name of Bitola is Monastir - a place to stay overnight. This is a city of long history, witnesses of which are the remains of Heraclea Lyncestis situated on the ancient Roman road Via Egnatia.



Behind the Iron Curtain

Albania is a land of contradictions - on one hand, country of bunkers, the poorest European population, and on the other, super modern buildings and shopping malls.



Around the lake

We travel towars the border crossingpoint St.Naum (for passport and customs control procedure). We pass through the village of Tusemiste, inhabited by both Albanian and Macedonian population.


Jeep Safari

Off Road driving through the Kuratica over Mazatar the highest peak of Plakenska Mountain (2000m). We drive through forest roads hacked through the densest beech forests in western Macedonia on the Mountain Mazatar and Plakenska.



The Capital

The capital and at the same time the biggest city in the Republic of Macedonia has about 800,000 inhabitants. Needless to say, it is the most important political, cultural, economic and academic center of the country.



A fantastic way to cool off and make family memories on the water park AquaFun situated among the magnificent pine forest on beautiful shore of the incredible Ohrid Lake.


Bicycle tour

Departure is from the park of the Dutch author A.den Doorlaard. Throughout the tour you will be riding a bicycle along Lake Ohrid shoreline. The first stop is at the cave church of St. Erazmo, which is 3km away from Ohrid.



Jerusalem of the Balkans

Distinguished as a cultural, artistic and educational center in the Slavic world, it takes root as early as in the 10th century B.C. as Desaretia, the name it had been known by in the region.


Wine tour


Macedonia has a very rich tradition of wine production. Many archeological finds prove the affinity among the people who dwelled these soils since long ago to raise grapes and produce this nectar of the Gods.


Struga Country Taste

Rural Beauty

With this half day excursion you will have unique opportunity to experience the art, the rich nature, the difference and the similarity between multicultural villages in the western part of Macedonia.


St.Naum boat tour

Magnificent Nature

The monastery of St. Naum rightfully carries the name a miraculous place. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the source of River Crni Drim, which flows through Lake Ohrid, draining from it at and running through the city of Struga.


Monastery Tour

The western part of the Republic of Macedonia is rich in high mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers and untouched nature.


Scuba Diving

Currently, scuba diving is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Driven by curiosity, people have since long ago wanted to dive in waters of seas and lakes, in order to explore, hunt, or merely for recreation.


Pelican Island

This tour is ideal for nature lovers and adventurers . It takes you through the picturesque landscape of the national park Pelister and Galicica , where you have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Prespa and Ohrid.


Paradise Valley

Trip to the paradise valley

As the name of this tour says, on this relaxing trip you will have chance to see and to feel marvelous nature and enjoy in all of the beauties and amenities that Ohrid vicinity offers.



The highest balkan city

Where the roof of the old houses touches the stars, from where we view the Balkans, where you could feel the courage of the Republic and smells of centuries old tradition, there is Krushevo.


Sailing Tour

Ohrid bay sailing tour and Bay of Bones sailing tour


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